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12 Famous People With Diabetes

Diabetes is not a disease which only affects those who are overweight or less active. Turns out anyone can be diagnosed with diabetes no matter how famous or in shape.

Here are 12 such celebrities who've been diagnosed with diabetes and have been working hard towards managing their condition through lifestyle changes.


Tom Hanks,now age 57, had high blood sugar for years before he was diagnosed in 2013 with type 2 diabetes. He owes his onset of diabetes to poor diet and lack of exercise. He’s working towards controlling his diabetes by losing weight and eating healthier.

Drew Carey was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and subsequently lost 80 pounds to bring it under control. He did so through cardio under the direction of his personal trainer and reducing foods like donuts, fried chicken and pizza replacing them with egg whites and greek yogurt.

The renowned Pakistani cricketer was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 29 in 1997. He brought his diabetes under control through maintaining a strict diet while continuing his cricket career as one of the best fast bowlers in the world.


Fawad Khan was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes during his teenage years. He is now insulin dependant and keeps fit through exercise, eating low fat foods, including lean meat and low fat milk, and taking his medication regularly.

Halle Berry was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 22, despite being extremely fit and trim. She went into diabetic coma during the taping of the TV series Living Dolls in 1989. She has since been taking insulin and continues to be one of the most famous actresses from Hollywood.

Randy Jackson lost 100 pounds since being diagnosed with diabetes in 2001. Losing weight has helped him bring his condition under control. He continues to keep his diabetes under control through adopting a healthier diet and avoiding rich and high calorie Southern food as well as getting more active with yoga and pilates.

The prolific actor suffers from type 1 diabetes and works towards diabetes awareness in India. Kamal Hassan practises yoga and maintains a healthy diet avoiding alcohol and dairy products.

Billie Jean King had a family history of diabetes and got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at the age of 63. She has since cut down carbs from her diet, exercises regularly, tests her blood and keeps up with her medication.

Larry King also suffers from heart disease as well as diabetes. He changed his lifestyle by exercising and quitting smoking over the years (with help from vape pens and vape mods!) to keep healthy. He also avoids high fat foods and sticks to lean meats and salads for most meals.

The famous singer was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the tender age of 13 when he noticed changes in his body including weight loss and mood changes. He now is on an insulin pump and has launched a non-profit initiative called Beyond Type 1 which works to spread awareness of diabetes.

The queen of the kitchen, Paula Deen was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 4 years ago and has since then lost 30 pounds to bring it under control. She reduced portions sized by half and makes healthier food choices like fresh fruit and low fat homemade ice cream.

Vanessa Williams has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and has even authored a book on diabetes called Healthy Child, Healthy World. She keeps her diabetes under control through a staying active and exercising regularly.


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