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6 Ways To Get More Active With A Busy Routine

Being active is an integral part of managing diabetes. For those with type 2 diabetes, regular exercise can help to keep blood glucose levels in check and help the body process insulin more efficiently. But life’s busy and sometimes we may not get time to fit in a scheduled workout in our day.

However “exercise” doesn’t mean you need to be going to the gym or doing special pregnancy. You can fit in some movement during your day with simple everyday activities. Here are some ways you can get moving with these spontaneous activities:

1. Limit TV time or exercise while watching

Don’t spend time sitting in front of the tube for long periods of time. Try doing some simple stretches or even walking in place while catching up on your favorite TV shows.

2. Go for a walk during part of your lunch hour

While at work, you’re probably sitting for 80% of the time. It’s a good idea to get moving whenever you can during work to keep active. Try a 15- 20 minute walk during lunch or spread out 10 minute walks during the day.

3. Take the stairs whenever possible

Avoid the elevator whenever you can. Taking the steps is the perfect spontaneous activity to help you get some exercise. However, be careful to not climb an excessive amount of stairs and speak to your doctor before you do so.

4. Schedule physical activity for social time

Meeting up with a friend? Why not make your meetup a walk in the park or a swimming session? That way you can catch up on some downtime with your friends

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5. Walk while taking long phone calls

Catching up with friends and family over the phone or even Facetime? It’s the perfect time to keep moving! You can take your calls outside or even pace around your house when you’re on the phone.

6. Listen to audiobooks or podcasts

Audiobooks are a great way to “read” your book and exercise at the same time. Instead of sitting for a long time and reading your favorite book, go to your favorite park and “read” while walking or on a stationary bike at home.

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