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What To Include In Your Diabetes Toolkit

Imagine you’re out shopping and it’s been 3 hours since you last ate. Walking around the aisles of a department store hungry and tired can usher in the perfect storm for diabetes patients : Hypoglycemia. How do you counter hypoglycemia? By whipping out your handy diabetes toolkit, wharfing down your glucose tablets or sweets and checking your blood glucose.

If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, you’ve probably learnt by now that getting organized with all your equipment, medications, meal schedules and prescriptions is very important for effectively managing your condition. A handy diabetes toolkit can help you be prepared for any diabetic emergency or even a a few hours away from home.

Here’s what your diabetes toolkit should include:

  • A sturdy bag or pouch to carry your diabetes supplies
  • A blood glucose meter, lancing device, test strips, and a log book or your phone with a diabetes app
  • Glucose tablets, sweets, a candy bar or packet of fruit juice for hypoglycemia
  • A snack (apples, banana, nuts, carrot sticks)  or packed lunch (sandwich, salad, whole wheat wrap)  if you will be away from home for a long period of time
  • Your diabetes medication/s
  • Copies of all your prescriptions
  • Extra insulin (if you are on insulin), syringes, pens, or insulin pump supplies
  • The pharmacy label that came with your insulin
  • Extra batteries for your glucose meter
  • A letter or card that mentions you have diabetes and lists emergency contact numbers

It’s also good for your family members,  close friends or other caregivers to be aware of the contents of your diabetes toolkit in case of an emergency. Discuss your health regularly with your loved ones so that they can be up to date with your medication regime, how to help you check your glucose or administer insulin for you.


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